Së shpejti , ndryshime te medha !


For some, Valentine's Day is a day devoted to French-kissing loved ones, eating chocolate hearts for dinner, and calling elected officials to demand health care/women's rights/no DPL/no travel ban/no wall/@god help. Others will choose to celebrate this Anna Howard Shaw Day by sending Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box to an enemy. However you traditionally celebrate love, let MTV News tell you about some better ways to do that. Please enjoy a list of our favorite Valentine's Day movies, celebrity couples, musicals, and songs. Get out there, horndogs!
Rachel Handler: The Descent
In the spirit of Valentine's Day in a post–"grab them by the pussy" America, I recommend one of my favorite films, The Descent. A British film from 2005, The Descent follows six best friends who go on a fun spelunking trip together in hopes of bolstering their relationships. One of the girls is named Juno! They all get trapped inside the cave and hunted for sport by a group of vengeful humanoids. None of them encounter a single human man for the entirety of the movie. It's beautiful.
Ira Madison III: Heathers
This is my favorite movie and favorite pseudo rom-com, because at first you think Winona Ryder and Christian Slater are meant to be together, and then you realize he's a twisted nutjob. The romantic story is about Winona loving herself and her friends and not changing into a murderer for a guy. So, you know, a perfect Valentine's story.
Erica Futterman: Dear Evan Hansen